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Succeeding in law school without help from those who have already been through the grind can be tough. Whether you’re just contemplating taking the LSAT, stuck in the muck of law school, or drowning in the ocean that is bar review, FindLaw for Law Students provides sage advice from those who have experienced the journey and survived to tell their tale. Deciding whether or not to attend law school and become a lawyer is not easy. Staying on track along the way can be even harder. Let FindLaw for Law Students assist you in making pre-law school decisions, surviving law school once admitted, and tackling that formidable bar exam.

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    • How to Pick a Bar Review Course

      The decision of which bar review course to take is almost as important as deciding where to go to law school. This article offers tips and insight to help you research bar review courses, so that you can find the one best tailored to your own learning style and goals.

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    • Best Pre-Law Colleges

      An overview of some of the best pre-law colleges to consider, along with helpful tips on your pre-law education.

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    • California Law Schools

      The Golden State is home to many ABA-accredited law schools including some of the most prestigious law schools in the nation such as those at Stanford and UC Berkeley. If you're interested in going to law school in California, this article contains resources to help you find the right school.

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    • New York Law Schools

      New York State has a wealth of options when it comes to law schools and is home to some of the nation's most prestigious law schools. Given all these options, it's important for you to have the right answers to all your questions before making your decision and this article is here to help.

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    • Law Schools of Asia

      It was once the home of the Silk Road, and now Asia has many countries described as modern economic miracles. If you're interested in studying law in Asia, let FindLaw make your life easy with this overview of the top law schools in the region.

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