Choosing a Law School

There are many factors to consider when choosing a law school. How many students a year does the school accept? What is the school’s ranking? And most importantly, how much is this school going to cost? The Choosing a Law School section of FindLaw for Law Students helps you discern fact from fiction regarding law school admissions and financing. Despite the overabundance of law schools available within the United States, FindLaw for Law Students also provides potential law students with a one-stop-shop of useful links for every law school in the country. And if the law schools in the U.S. don’t float your boat, FindLaw for Law Students can even help you find the right law school abroad.

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    • Law School Rankings: Do They Matter?

      If you're an undergraduate considering law school or a law student considering a transfer, you've probably spent time pouring over law school rankings. After all, law school is a major investment, and you want to do your research. But what exactly do these numbers mean and how should they affect your decision? While rankings should play a role in the decision-making process, there's also other information to consider.

      Paying for Law School

      You’ve decided that law school is the right choice for you. You took the LSAT and have the grades and referrals to qualify you for admission, but there’s still another challenge you need to overcome before you start your legal training: paying for law school. How you go about financing your education can impact your career choices and lifestyle for decades to come.

Choosing A Law School Articles
    • California Law Schools

      The Golden State is home to many ABA-accredited law schools including some of the most prestigious law schools in the nation such as those at Stanford and UC Berkeley. If you're interested in going to law school in California, this article contains resources to help you find the right school.

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    • New York Law Schools

      New York State has a wealth of options when it comes to law schools and is home to some of the nation's most prestigious law schools. Given all these options, it's important for you to have the right answers to all your questions before making your decision and this article is here to help.

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    • Law Schools of Asia

      It was once the home of the Silk Road, and now Asia has many countries described as modern economic miracles. If you're interested in studying law in Asia, let FindLaw make your life easy with this overview of the top law schools in the region.

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    • Alabama Law Schools

      With nearly 900 amendments, Alabama's state constitution is one of the longest in the world. Alabama's also the home of Rosa Parks and was the birthplace of the civil rights movement, playing a critical role in shaping the legal landscape in the U.S. This article covers the top law schools in Alabama as well as other helpful information if you're looking to study law in the sweet home of Alabama.

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    • Arizona Law Schools

      Are you thinking of making Arizona your home while you go to law school? It's not a bad choice, considering that Arizona produced the nation's first female Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor. While your career ambitions may propel you in the same direction, the first step is to get through law school and pass the bar. This article provides information about the top law schools in Arizona along with resources to help you choose the right school.

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