Law School Admissions

Admission Preparation: ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar — Includes standards for ABA approval for law schools, list of approved law schools, statistics on enrollment, directory of bar admission offices, study abroad information.
Admission Preparation: Law School Applicant Statistics Database — Database for tracking the success of the current year's cycle of applicants.
Kaplan Law Information Page: The Admissions Process — Highlights various factors to consider when selecting a law school. — Articles on applying to law school.


Admission Preparation: Law School Application Essays — Includes writing dos and do not's, advice for the personal statement and sample essays.
Admission Preparation: Law School Applications Resource Page — This page includes examples of personal statements and writing guidelines. — Admissions Essay Help Course

LSAT Test Preparation

LSAT Test Preparation: 7Sage Test Prep — Their mission is to liberate legal education - starting with the LSAT
LSAT Test Preparation: Binary Solution Test Preparation, Inc. — A 130-hour intensive program, the Binary method is based on a logical deconstruction of the LSAT.
LSAT Test Preparation: Cambridge LSAT — Provides Official LSAT PrepTests for instant download. Also features a number of other free resources.
LSAT Test Preparation: Get Prepped — Provides a sample LSAT test.
LSAT Test Preparation: Kaplan Law School and LSAT information — Resources on how to prepare for the LSAT.
LSAT Test Preparation: Knewton LSAT Prep — Offers live, online video classes
LSAT Test Preparation: LSAT Test Prep from Peterson's — Comprehensive strategy and instruction for all sections of the test, including the writing sample.
LSAT Test Preparation: PowerScore — Includes sample LSAT questions and answers.
LSAT Test Preparation: Princeton Review — Features law school search, LSAT prep information and more.
LSAT Test Preparation: Sherwood Test Prep — Offers LSAT test prep courses in 4 states: California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.
LSAT Test Preparation: TestMasters LSAT Preparation — Over 100,000 students have taken our LSAT courses.
LSAT Test Preparation: TestSherpa — LSAT preparation course