Law School Outlines and Exam Banks

The law school outline, that hallowed parchment for law students, is the ultimate prize, especially for first year students. Just holding an outline in your hand, with the knowledge that it exists and is in your possession, is sometimes enough to ease some of your anxiety. But what makes for a good outline, and which outlines are the most helpful come exam time? The Law School Outlines and Exam Banks section of FindLaw for Law Students answers these questions and much more. It not only provides you with an overview of various outlines but also with sample outlines and exams, critical study aids as you prepare for finals.

Law School Outlines and Exam Banks Articles
    • Law School Practice Exams: Resources

      Want to know what your professors will be looking for on their finals? One way to do that is by reviewing their actual past exams and practice exams. Not only will these resources prepare you for your finals, but they will also help you to understand materials and concepts throughout a course.  

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    • Outlines and Exams by Subject

      Locating helpful materials in law school, such as outlines and exams, can sometimes be a challenge, not to mention the time that it can take from your schedule. Maybe you've been to several different websites and reviewed expensive commercial outlines in the bookstore. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to find these useful study aides in one place and at no cost to you? This article is here to do just that.

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    • Law School Commercial Outlines

      There you are, sitting for your very first law school exam. Thankfully, you have an outline for this class, but does it cover what will be on that exam? Law school outlines can sometimes be the key to success during your first year, so it's no surprise that companies market ready-made commercial outlines for law students. This article will provide you with an overview of these commercial outlines as well as tips for using them to your advantage.

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