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Succeeding in law school without help from those who have already been through the grind can be tough. Whether you’re just contemplating taking the LSAT, stuck in the muck of law school, or drowning in the ocean that is bar review, FindLaw for Law Students provides sage advice from those who have experienced the journey and survived to tell their tale. Deciding whether or not to attend law school and become a lawyer is not easy. Staying on track along the way can be even harder. Let FindLaw for Law Students assist you in making pre-law school decisions, surviving law school once admitted, and tackling that formidable bar exam.

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Law Students Articles

  • What is the 'Baby Bar'?

    The 'baby bar' is an exam that students attending unaccredited law schools in California must pass after their first year of law school in order to qualify for the bar exam. This article provides an overview of the baby bar.

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  • Law Student Organizations

    Law student organizations provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, and exploring different areas of legal practice. Learn about the different kinds of law student organizations and more at

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  • Paying for Law School

    You’ve decided that law school is the right choice for you. You took the LSAT and have the grades and referrals to qualify you for admission, but there’s still another challenge you need to overcome before you start your legal training: paying for law school. How you go about financing your education can impact your career choices and lifestyle for decades to come.

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  • Learning Judicial Precedent: A Q&A with Bryan Garner

    Judicial precedent is a cornerstone of the U.S. legal system, ensuring certainty and consistency from case to case. It’s also a concept that will play a key role in nearly every aspect of your legal career, from 1L exams to your future practice. And yet, few law school textbooks cover the subject head on and in any kind of depth, leaving many law students in the dark about the nuances of the practice and how it came to be.

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  • Should You Get an Online Law Degree?

    You can watch movies, do your shopping, and increasingly even get a decent education online. As our lives have become increasingly internet-based it should be no surprise that a legal education can be acquired online.  

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