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There are many factors to consider when choosing a law school. How many students a year does the school accept? What is the school’s ranking? And most importantly, how much is this school going to cost? The Choosing a Law School section of FindLaw for Law Students helps you discern fact from fiction regarding law school admissions and financing. Despite the overabundance of law schools available within the United States, FindLaw for Law Students also provides potential law students with a one-stop-shop of useful links for every law school in the country. And if the law schools in the U.S. don’t float your boat, FindLaw for Law Students can even help you find the right law school abroad.

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  • Law School Rankings: Do They Matter?

    If you're an undergraduate considering law school or a law student considering a transfer, you've probably spent time pouring over law school rankings. After all, law school is a major investment, and you want to do your research. But what exactly do these numbers mean and how should they affect your decision? While rankings should play a role in the decision-making process, there's also other information to consider.

  • Paying for Law School

    You’ve decided that law school is the right choice for you. You took the LSAT and have the grades and referrals to qualify you for admission, but there’s still another challenge you need to overcome before you start your legal training: paying for law school. How you go about financing your education can impact your career choices and lifestyle for decades to come.

Choosing A Law School Articles

  • Law School Admissions

    Your background undoubtedly plays a role in the law school admissions process. This might come in the form of "legacy" admissions where last names and alumni donations can overcome subpar scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). But it could also be evident in inspiring stories of applicants like Que Newbill who drew strength from his challenging upbringing, rising from homelessness to law school.

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  • South Dakota Law Schools

    As the home of the Badlands, Black Hills, and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota has many great leisure opportunities. However, if you're considering law school in South Dakota, the University of South Dakota offers a more affordable legal education and even boasts a federal tax clinic.

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  • South Carolina Law Schools

    From the Myrtle Beach waterfront to the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina has a lot to offer. If you're considering the Palmetto State for law school, there are important factors to weigh before making your decision. Let this article be your guide to get you the answers that you need.

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  • Oklahoma Law Schools

    Are you considering law school in Oklahoma? The Sooner State may have some interesting, and possibly more affordable, opportunities for you. Before making your decision, use this article to help weigh the advantages and disadvantages of law school in Oklahoma.

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  • New Hampshire Law Schools

    New Hampshire is the destination of presidential candidates every four years. It was also home to one more famous attorneys and orators in American history, Daniel Webster. If you want to go to law school in the heart of the presidential political process, the state has a top-100 law school.

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