Arizona Law Schools

Arizona is a fascinating state. The Grand Canyon, the Barringer Crater, and the state's quirky residents provide an environment that is distinctly unique. If you are interested in studying law in Arizona you'll find that the options, while limited, reflect the state's odd and sometimes unforgiving landscape.

Although the three schools listed here are all currently have American Bar Association approval one of them is currently on probation and at risk of losing its accreditation altogether. You'll want to consider your options carefully before choosing.

The following article provides a brief overview of Arizona law schools with some considerations that can help you determine which program is right for you.

Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

Arizona State University's law school is ranked among the top 25 law schools in the country by the U.S. News and World Report annual law school rankings. It is located in Phoenix in the Beus Center for Law and Society facilities opened in 2016. The school has excellent post-graduation employment figures. It also has the lowest resident law school tuition in the state.

University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

The University of Arizona offers the state's best competition for top law school. Although lower ranked than Arizona State University, and considerably more expensive, the school is also somewhat smaller, which may appeal to students looking for a more personal educational experience. Located in Tucson, the school has hosted many Supreme Court Justices who have taught courses and delivered lectures on multiple occasions.

Arizona Summit Law School

Previously known as Phoenix School of Law, Summit changed its name in an attempt to improve the school's branding. This may have been an attempt to distinguish itself from the University of Phoenix, an online university that has been subject to criticism and roundly mocked, most significantly in a running joke on the popular comedy series 'Arrested Development' involving a protagonist's attendance of the fictional 'University of Phoenix School of Law.'

However, Summit can't pretend that its reputation problems are solely the result of confusion.

Rebranding was felt, by many, to be motivated by a desire to distance the school from online criticism. The new identity hasn't been entirely successful in this regard. Summit was placed on ABA probation in 2017 for its admissions practices. Summit is one of three schools established by Infilaw, a Florida corporation, and is the second of these three schools to be placed on probation. The highest law school tuition in the state and abysmally low bar passage rates mean that Summit is not generally an attractive school at which to study law.

Tips for Law School and Beyond

Having chosen the right law school you'll be ready to get started with some other important early issues law students face. FindLaw's Law Students section includes tips about exam taking, internships, bar exams, your first job, and other topics to help you get through law school and into practice. Check back with us frequently for some help making the choices that are right for you.

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