Colorado Law Schools

Colorado is home to national sports franchises, a bewildering array of breweries, stunning natural beauty, and legalized recreational marijuana. The state's rugged individualism may be a result of its open spaces, which may also contribute to its residents having the lowest rates of obesity of any state in the U.S. With all the world class skiing and hiking at their doorstep, as well as a wealth of clean air and water, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that residents also have the longest life expectancy of those in any state. Colorado can be an amazing place to live, study, and work.

Choosing a law school in Colorado shouldn't be too difficult. There are just two American Bar Association (ABA) accredited schools in the state and they differ fairly significantly. However, the paucity of options doesn't mean that you won't need to carefully consider your personal goals and preferences before making your decision. The following article provides an overview of Colorado Law Schools along with some important details to help you make the right decision.

University of Colorado, Boulder School of Law

The University of Colorado's law school outperforms the Sturm College of Law in the U.S. World & News Report's annual law school rankings. However, the school's rankings have been on a downward trend for a number of years, falling farther and more quickly than many other schools. The school is located in Boulder, a town considerably smaller than Denver, but is also located in the midst of the Rocky Mountains, so students interested in enjoying Colorado's natural beauty may prefer study at the University of Colorado. It should be no surprise that the University of Colorado's environmental law program is highly regarded. One downside is that housing options in Boulder are limited and the overall cost of living tends to be marginally higher in Boulder than in Denver.

Sturm College of Law

Although lower-ranked than the University of Colorado, Sturm College still has a very respectable ranking. It appears within the top 100 law schools in the nation and has received attention for its public interest law program. It also offers a more bustling urban study environment. Although Sturm College is more expensive than the University of Colorado, it also offers scholarships to nearly half of the students attending and the average indebtedness of students borrowing at least one loan is lower than the cost of attendance at Boulder School of Law. Additional savings can be had on account of a more developed and cheaper housing market than is found in Boulder, though Denver also has a higher crime rate

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