Illinois Law Schools

As the first African-American president, Barack Obama has held many titles in his life, including that of law professor. That's right, before ascending to the highest office in the land, he spent 12 years at the University of Chicago Law School teaching courses on due process and voting rights. One can only imagine what he might teach if he ever returns to the academic world. The thought of studying law from a future president or, even better, going on to be president yourself, is alluring.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider law schools in Illinois as you embark on your professional career. From having nationally-respected programs to unique experiential learning opportunities in a major U.S. legal market, the land of Lincoln may just be the right place to start your career. Below you'll find information on law schools in Illinois to help you take your next step.

What Do Illinois Law Schools Have to Offer?

There are at least nine law schools in Illinois which are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), each of which provides a wide range of avenues to develop professionally. A description of some of those avenues is provided below.

University of Chicago Law School

Chicago is home to one of the most prestigious law schools in the country at the University of Chicago. It's ranked among the top five in the nation and for good reason. After all, it has a large and prestigious faculty that are known to even teach courses out of their home, as well as a number of institutes and clinics, such as the:

  • Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project
  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice Project
  • Housing Initiative
  • International Human Rights Clinic
  • Mental Health Project
  • Jenner and Block Supreme Court and Appellate Clinic
  • Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship
  • Poverty and Housing Law Clinic

When these extracurricular opportunities are coupled with a quarter system and a focus on interdisciplinary education, an education at the University of Chicago Law School definitely opens doors in the wider professional world.

Northwestern University School of Law

Also a top 20 law school, Northwestern University School of Law offers a wide range of degree options, including a Master of Science in Law designed specifically for students with a background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It also hosts an annual entrepreneurship law conference, a great way for law students to connect and network with local business and community leaders.

University of Illinois College of Law

Students with a background in computer science or engineering may be interested in the Cyber Security Scholarship Program at the University of Illinois College of Law. Along with receiving hands-on training in the emerging field of cyber security law from a top-50 law school, law students in this program receive additional benefits such as:

  • Tuition/fee waivers
  • Book/living stipends
  • Paid travel
  • Government internships
  • Access to security labs
  • Job placement after graduation

Considering the cost of tuition and the level of competition in many legal job markets, this is definitely an opportunity worth exploring.

Illinois Law Schools: An Overview

There are a number of other professional opportunities available to law students in Illinois. Learn more by reviewing the following list of ABA-approved law schools in the state:



Chicago-Kent College of Law


DePaul University College of Law


Loyola University Chicago College of Law


Northern Illinois University College of Law


Northwestern University School of Law


Southern Illinois University School of Law


The John Marshall Law School


University of Chicago Law School


University of Illinois College of Law


Illinois Law Schools: Looking Ahead

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