Kansas Law Schools

Going to law school in Kansas? Well, just follow the yellow brick road to either the University of Kansas School of Law or to Washburn University School of Law. You might not find the wizard, but you are sure to find the brains, heart and courage that will make you a success.

University of Kansas School of Law


The University of Kansas School of Law ("KU School of Law") is located in Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence is in the upper right hand corner of the state about 35 miles west of Kansas City and 25 miles east of Topeka. Lawrence has a mixture of historic charm and a vibrant arts community all located on a riverfront location.

School Facts

KU School of Law is an American Bar Association ("ABA") accredited school. The Standard 509 Information Reports for KU's School of Law shows that it has an average student body of 300 law students. The 2016 Law School Admission Test ("LSAT") acceptance scores for the school were between 151 and 159.

The school is a public school that prides itself on offering a great value to students by providing small class sizes at reasonable tuition rates. The law school believes in teaching the fundamentals and then providing an opportunity to practice those skills in one of their law clinics or field placement programs.

According to the U.S.News Law School Rankings, KU Law is a second tier school. The School offers a variety of legal certificate programs that can provide a focus as the law student works to obtain a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.

Washburn University School of Law


Washburn University School of Law is located in the capital of Kansas, Topeka. You cannot go to law school in Topeka without knowing about the major civil rights victory of the landmark United States Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954). You will study the case in depth in your Constitutional Law class, no matter what law school you choose.

School Facts

Washburn is a public school boasts of providing a high quality well-rounded legal education at an affordable tuition. The law school rankings provided by U.S. News ranks the school in the third tier. It is also accredited by the American Bar Association. According to the Standard 509 Information Report for 2016, the school has a student body population of about 300 students. The 2016 LSAT score acceptance range for the school was 149 to 155.

Washburn claims an exceptional alumni that is willing to work closely with law students to help them obtain the necessary practical skills in one of the fifteen special legal clinics and certificates offered.

The school offers a "jump start" program for incoming first year law students that starts a week before regular classes. The intense program is designed to teach new students the skills to help you thrive in law school. This should be a big help, because studying for law school classes and exams is on a whole different level than studying at the undergraduate level.

Get More Law School Information

Your choice of which law school to attend is a personal choice. You will weigh the schools' curriculum offerings, the cost of tuition, and your own interests to find something that suits you. The FindLaw Law Students section can help you in this process.

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