Massachusetts Law Schools

Massachusetts is famous for its schools. Harvard, Boston University, and Northeastern all hold stellar reputations and turn out graduates that are considered the best in their respective fields. If you are thinking of studying the law in Massachusetts, there are a wealth of options for study in prestigious institutions. Before you start preparing applications it is wise to consider what you are looking for in a legal education to narrow your choices.

Important Considerations

When deciding which Massachusetts law school is right for you there are a number of important preliminary considerations. One early set of considerations are the type of law you intend to practice and the environment you hope to practice in. Harvard is an incredibly prestigious institution and its graduates often go on to become educators themselves. The influence of the institution and its graduates also provide unique opportunities for those interested in careers in government.

On the other hand, admissions to Harvard are very difficult, and the tuition is much higher than smaller or less-recognized law schools. If you intend to start your own law firm or work in the nonprofit sector you may be better-served to attend UMass Dartmouth or the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, which cost a half to a third of the price compared to Harvard.

Another tradeoff worth considering involves the location of the law school. Boston offers many cultural and business opportunities to students and graduates. Most of the big firms are located in Beantown, along with the Red Sox, world class museums, historical sites, centers for performing arts, and more. Attending law school in Boston can create opportunities, though it also tends to drive costs up significantly.

How Can I Find a Massachusetts Law School?

Several Massachusetts law schools are listed within the U.S. News & World Report listings for the top law schools in the country. However, these aren't your only options. The chart below offers links to many of Massachusetts's prominent law schools as well as their law journals and areas of focus. Keeping in mind your goals for your legal education and career, peruse these resources to get a better sense of your options:

Boston College Law School

Boston University School of Law
Harvard University Law School
Massachusetts School of Law
New England School of Law
Northeastern University School of Law
Suffolk University Law School
Southern New England School of Law
Western New England College School of Law


Taking Your Next Steps

Choosing a law school is only one step in the process of acquiring an education in the law and entering into practice. Along the way there will be many important decisions to make. Fortunately, there are resources available for your use at FindLaw for law students. Follow the link to find articles, links, and materials to help empower you to plan a successful career in the law.

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