Mississippi Law Schools

Mississippi has often been the center of legal controversy. From civil rights struggles, to religious freedom bills and debates over gay marriage, the state is frequently the battleground for issues of social progress. For conservatives, Mississippi is a stronghold of traditional values, while liberals looking to make a difference know that practice in the state can result in meaningful change. Either way, the state has much to offer those looking for an impactful relationship with the law.

If you want to study law in Mississippi there are two schools with American Bar Association (ABA) accreditation to choose from, each of which has distinct advantages and drawbacks. The following article looks at the differences in Mississippi's law schools.

The University of Mississippi School of Law

Although neither of Mississippi's law schools are particularly well ranked in the U.S. News and World Reports' annual law school rankings, Ole' Miss's School of Law ranks better by a fairly generous margin. As a public school, the University of Mississippi School of Law is also considerably less expensive than the private Mississippi College School of Law, at least for in-state students. Out-of-state students can expect to pay nearly the same tuition at either school.

Located in Oxford, the University of Mississippi hosts one of the oldest public law schools in the nation. It also offers the country's only dedicated aerospace law curriculum in an ABA accredited school. Graduates have packed the ranks of Mississippi politics, including governors, senators, federal and state judges, and author John Grisham.

Mississippi College School of Law

MC Law is not ranked well nationally. It fails, at times, to even chart on the national lists, meaning that it fell among the bottom 25% of accredited law schools in the nation. However, the school may be the right choice for some students. MC Law was renovated in 2005, dramatically expanding its facilities. Located in Jackson, the state's capital and largest urban center, attendance may offer significant opportunities for those interested in politics, governance, and the public sector.

MC Law offers a certificate in Louisiana Civil Law and a significant number of courses focusing on Louisiana legal issues, which may be attractive to students considering cross-border practice or relocation to Louisiana following graduation. Another important consideration is the fact that, rankings aside, post-graduation employment figures at MC Law have, at times, exceeded those of Ole' Miss.

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