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Ohio Law Schools

Ohio is home to a large number of law schools, which means that Ohioans can choose the school that will best meet their educational needs. The following is a brief overview of each of Ohio's schools and points of interest for prospective students.

A Look at Ohio's Law Schools

University of Akron School of Law - The University of Akron hosts one of four constitutional law centers established by Congress in the United States. The Akron School of Law is one of only two schools in the state that offers an LL.M. degree in intellectual property.

Capital University Law School - Capital University Law School, located in downtown Columbus, is a Lutheran-affiliated university. It boasts a solid reputation in the region and is particularly well known for its public-interest program.

Case Western Reserve University School of Law - Case Western Reserve is located in Cleveland. Among the first schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), the school has a proud tradition of inclusiveness and diversity. Students of color were admitted in the school's first entering class in 1892. Case Western Reserve continues to innovate in legal education and, in 2013, the school modernized its curriculum, which now includes extensive third-year clinical work.

University of Cincinnati College of Law - The University of Cincinnati College of Law is one of the oldest continually operating law schools in the country. President Taft was a graduate and former dean. The school's location in Cincinnati provides access to many internship and post-graduation employment opportunities.

Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law - Cleveland-Marshall College of Law provided Ohio's first evening law school program and was the first law school in the state to admit women. The school takes pride in its many successful female graduates and students of color who have gone on to hold prominent roles in the judiciary and public offices throughout the state.

University of Dayton School of Law - The University of Dayton School of Law is a private Catholic university that is known regionally for its accelerated law degree program. Students can earn a law degree in two years by starting school in the summer and carrying an increased course load.

Ohio Northern University, Claude W. Pettit School of Law - Pettit School of Law is another historic law school. Located in Ada, Ohio, the school is known for its public interest and government law specializations and offers a Democratic Governance and Rule of Law LL.M.

The Ohio State University Mortiz College of Law - The Moritz College of Law, situated in Columbus, has a remarkable reputation. The school is the first in the state for post-graduate employment and holds competitive national ranking for many aspects of its curriculum, including being ranked as having the best dispute resolution program in the nation.

The University of Toledo College of Law - The University of Toledo College of Law offers the lowest in-state tuition of any law school in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana. The school also distinguishes itself by offering certificates of concentration to students who want their study to involve a specialized focus.

Learn More About Law School and Beyond

Once you've sorted through your many Ohio law school options you'll be ready to face the next set of challenges on your path to a legal career. Along the way you'll need to learn how to succeed in your classes, pass the bar, and find your first law job. Visit FindLaw for Law Students for helpful articles and advice about these and many other topics to help ensure that you make well-informed decisions that lead to a happy and profitable career.

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