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U.S. Law Schools

There are hundreds of law schools in the U.S., even more if you count schools not accredited by the American Bar Association. With all of these programs out there, how do you find the right one for you? Let FindLaw be your guide as you narrow down your search. The U.S. Law Schools section of FindLaw for Law Students provides helpful information on law schools by state. It also has articles and resources to help you learn more about the bar exams of various states, an important consideration when it comes to deciding where you go to school and where you want to practice in the future. Although you might feel a little overwhelmed with all of the information, you're not alone. FindLaw is here to help you plot your next steps as you start on this exciting new journey.

U.S. Law Schools Articles

  • Vermont Law Schools

    Did you know that Vermont not only existed as its own country before joining the United States, but also had the first state constitution prohibiting slavery? If you want to study law in a state with a fascinating legal history, check out the Vermont Law School here in this article.

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  • Wyoming Law Schools

    While your choice of Wyoming law schools is limited to one university, your opportunities at the University of Wyoming College of Law are not. With a robust number of clinics and special programs offered to second and third year students, it is worth giving this school serious consideration.

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  • Rhode Island Law Schools

    Roger Williams University School of Law (RWU) is home to a number of pro bono opportunities and programs tailored to the public interest-minded law student. If you are thinking of going to this Rhode Island private law school, learn more by reading our article.

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  • West Virginia Law Schools

    West Virginia's sole law school, West Virginia University College of Law, boasts a number of unique programs in addition to regular first and second year classes. If you are thinking of attending law school here, check out our article to learn more.

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  • Nebraska Law Schools

    In the "Cornhusker State," you'll have a choice of two law schools to attend. Learn more about Creighton School of Law, a small, private Jesuit university, and the University of Nebraska College of Law, a public school located in the capital city of Lincoln.

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  • Maine Law Schools

    If you are looking to go to law school in the "Pine State," you'll only have one option: the University of Maine School of Law. Learn more about seaside-located school including tuition, curriculum, notable alumni, and more.

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  • Texas Law Schools

    Since its founding, Texas has been marked by independence in its culture and traditions. If Texas is on your law school list, this article has all the information you'll need about going to law school in the Lone Star State.

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  • Mississippi Law Schools

    Have you thought about going to law school in Mississippi? When it comes to law schools, Ole Miss is ranked in the top 100 and may also have more affordable options. Read on to learn more about law schools in Mississippi to see whether you'll spend the next three years in the birthplace of the blues.

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  • Arkansas Law Schools

    Little Rock was home to a courageous group of students who helped to end school segregation laws in the U.S. If you're thinking about going to law school in Arkansas, you definitely have some good examples to follow and some significant legal traditions to continue. This article provides you with the resources you'll need as you search for law schools in the land of opportunity.

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  • Montana Law Schools

    As one of the largest states, Montana is referred to as the Treasure State for its resources and natural beauty. It’s also home to the University of Montana, School of Law. Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of law school in Montana and whether it's the right place for you.

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