Surviving Law School

Law school can be brutal. The seemingly endless cycle of reading, outlining, and studying can bring even the most positive person down. FindLaw for Law Students provides advice on the best ways to weather the storm and survive law school. Through the Surviving Law School section, current law students can take advantage of sample study schedules, course outlines and exams, and access to always-important legal research tools. The resources in this section can also help law students decide which electives are ideal for their desired career path and whether or not student organizations, law journal, moot court, and other extracurricular activities are a right fit.

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  • Sample 1L Study Schedule

    Law school is well known for the grueling schedule it imposes on its students. From the hundreds of pages per week in reading, to the endless pressure of preparing outlines for finals, the first year of law school can feel like being hit with a ton of bricks. Students who have been through it all know that in order to survive the first year of law school, it's imperative that students prepare and follow a 1L study schedule.

  • Law School Commercial Outlines

    There you are, sitting for your very first law school exam. Thankfully, you have an outline for this class, but does it cover what will be on that exam? Law school outlines can sometimes be the key to success during your first year, so it's no surprise that companies market ready-made commercial outlines for law students. This article will provide you with an overview of these commercial outlines as well as tips for using them to your advantage.

  • Learning Judicial Precedent: A Q&A with Bryan Garner

    Judicial precedent is a cornerstone of the U.S. legal system, ensuring certainty and consistency from case to case. It’s also a concept that will play a key role in nearly every aspect of your legal career, from 1L exams to your future practice. And yet, few law school textbooks cover the subject head on and in any kind of depth, leaving many law students in the dark about the nuances of the practice and how it came to be.

Surviving Law School Articles

  • How to Brief a Case in Law School

    Summary Here...

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  • Outlines and Exams by Subject: 3L and Electives

    The third year of law school is much less highly structured than the first or second years. The following article provides an overview of resources for outlines and practice exams for 3L courses and popular elective classes.

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  • Outlines and Exams by Subject: 2L

    The second year of law school allows a bit more flexibility than the first in choosing courses. But there is a downside to freedom; more choices mean that it can be harder to find high-quality study aids that can help you succeed. The following article highlights some sources for 2L outlines and exams.

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  • Westlaw for Law Students

    A giant in the legal research industry, Westlaw provides comprehensive research resources and valuable training. The following article provides an overview of how a familiarity with Westlaw's products can help ensure your success as a law student.

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  • Outlines and Exams by Subject: 1L

    The first year of law school is likely to be the most challenging year in your academic life. The following article provides some guidance regarding 1L subjects and where to find the outlines and practice exams that can help you stand out from the crowd.  

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