MPRE Review Courses

All but a handful of states require that you pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) before being admitted to practice law. As a law student, you know that preparing for any test involves a lot of study and, wherever possible, a class that can help get you up to speed on a complicated topic. Fortunately there are a lot of options. The following article provides an overview of some prominent MPRE review courses.

MPRE Review Courses

The following are MPRE review courses offered throughout the country. In addition to these resources there may be local MPRE review course providers that offer different materials or services. Many of the materials offered are free. The organizations that provide free MPRE review materials often offer bar review courses and they view your use of their MPRE materials as a sample of their approach. Consider trying several different MPRE review courses as a cheap opportunity to learn which bar review provider is right for you while also getting valuable MPRE preparation.

National Conference of Board Examiners (NCBE) -- The NCBE's review materials are a good place to start your MPRE study. The organization is responsible for developing the MPRE, after all. The organization offers online practice exams and some limited free study materials, as well as an online practice exam that costs $35.00.

BarBri -- BarBri's free MPRE review program promises to deliver detailed, current, and timely information to prepare you for the exam. The course includes lectures, outlines, and practice questions. Their website also provides an overview video that explains the course's goals and methodology in less than two minutes.

Kaplan -- Kaplan's online MPRE review program is free, though there is a $15.00 charge if you want them to send you a printed textbook. They provide a 300+ page downloadable document with outlines and course materials, in addition to recorded lectures, sample questions, and flashcards.

Pieper -- Pieper's free course materials include an outline of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, an outline of the ABA Model Rules of Judicial Conduct, practice questions, simulated exams, and a focus on mnemonic devices to help remember key concepts.

Themis -- Themis offers a free MPRE review course that includes over 200 practice questions with model answers and explanations. The course also provides outlines to help guide your study.

AmeriBar -- AmeriBar's free MPRE review course includes audio and video lectures, an outline, and practice questions and exams.

Reed Law Group -- Reed Law Group offers several different MPRE study programs at a range of prices. The complete package is $275 and includes twelve lectures, seven exams, printed outlines and exams, and digital flashcards. The exam bundle includes seven exams and online graded exams for $175. The free MPRE review has a four hour lecture and two sample exams.

More Resources for Law School Success

The MPRE is just a small part of the process that takes you from law student to practicing attorney. Along the way you'll have questions about law school clinics, moot court competitions, bar review study, finding your first job, and much more. Resources to help you make wise decisions can be found throughout FindLaw's Law Students section.

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